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Interested in learning more? Take a moment to explore some of the following articles and web links

for a variety of information concerning wood, furniture, crafting, and finishing!

Helpful Woodworking Formulas & References

Fractional Conversion Table

Standard Furniture Dimensions in Inches

Converting Linear Feet to Board Feet


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Interesting Articles in .pdf format

Building the Ultimate Workbench - by Brendan Mathews

Building the Economy Workbench - by Joseph Freenor

Miller Dowels - by Chris Alcorn

Library in a Closet - by  Bob Rio

Resawing Wood - by Highland Hardware

Spray Finishing - by Highland Hardware


... and here are a couple of articles that I have written!

How to Patina Copper - By Eric Guignard

Stripping with Chemicals - By Eric Guignard

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Links for Additional Information!

Highland Woodworking - Fine Tools and Education

Cerritos College Wood Manufacturing Program

Woodworker West - Wood Craftsmanship Magazine

Wood of the World (descriptive properties of hundreds of species)

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